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hakuhide in dandy_handbook

Anatomy and Where to buy


Aristocrats most commonly wear suits, these suits are not the everyday suit you bought to wear to your companies corporate meeting! Wearing it does not make you an aristocrat. Lets break it down.

Blazer - Suit blazers are wrong, Aristocrat blazers are more fitted around the waist and often sport two columns of buttons rather than one. Modern aristocrat blazers also flare out at the end, or feature tails like butler tuxedos.

Heres an example of an Aristocrat Blazer

Here is a usual suit blazer as worn by men usually.

Its not the same. Not at all, but don't fear its how the blazer is fitted and worn that really determines if it could/would work. Something like this could work, even though most aristocrat blazers are longer, this could be acceptable.

Trousers - They are, like the blazer, more fitted and usually higher wasited.

Aristocrat brand trousers

Normal suit trousers

Blouse - Now just any button up shirt will do. Usual blouses are long collared or sport ruffels whether they be on the shirt itself or a ruffled necktie.

Here are some brand examples. Your shirt should be in some way victorian looking or there is no point in wearing it.

Shoes - Not almost any shoe will do, depending on the look you're going for. Any dressy man shoe will work, or if you want more of a rocker/punk look you can wear creepers or platform boots.

Vests - Vests are always a nice addition to make you look more put together, but they are not required and almost any vest will do.

Although any vest will do a vest like this looks much more aristocrat/lolita

Coats - If you're going to wear a coat, longer coats are prefered but you cutesy little lolita coat won't do. You coat should not be made to incorporate a full skirt because you wont be wearing one.

Accessories -
- Top hats; Top hats are a big accessory for Aristocrat, I want to state do not wear a mini top hat it takes away from the mature look you've put together.

Good top hat

Bad top hat

- Pocket watches;
Really nice touch they are elegant.

- Cane;
Another nice touch but these are all extras

- Jewelry; the nice thing with aristocrat is you can incorporate a lot of larger jewelry peices with it.

- Other;
Monocules are a really cool addition you can pull off with aristocrat

Oujisama or Kodona is usually known by short trousers and bowlers, but there is a little more variety when you get down to it.

Pants - Knickerbockers (Knickers/Prince Pants) they are not capri's but actual knickers. Crop pants can work almost always, and actually bermuda shorts can work if you're going for an even more youthful appearance.

Blouse - Almost any blouse or even a cutsew can work. Even a cap sleeved bluse as long as it isnt too overly lacey or girly.

Vests - Vests can be worn but arent a nessecity.

Blazers - Arent usually worn they're often too mature and defeat the purpose of the style.

Shose - Like Aristocrat almost any shoes work.

Accessories -
- Hats; Mini top hats, Bowlers, Berets

- Legwear; Oujisama almost always wear solid color tights or knee high socks, you can do stripes but if you get too much into prints it becomes ridiculous looking.

- Neckwear; Oujisama is very fond of large bows tied around the neck that cordinate with the trousers, bow tie, or short ties often sold by lolita brands.

Where to buy;

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