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hakuhide in dandy_handbook


Common Kodona;
The first style is Common Kodona, I'm using this term for lack of better words. Kodona is really a work used to describe the awkward phase between child and teenager much like "adolescence". I say common because this is the most common style of Kodona, it includes White tops, Black shorts/pants, and stripped socks, sometimes ties and jackets are included but you can not go wrong with this type of coordination. It is, I'm going to say, probably the oldest incarnation of Kodona.

Classic Kodona;
Classic Kodona is a lot like Classic lolita, in the colors chosen for it or paterns. Its a lot of browns, blacks or darker more mature reds. Most people who dress kodona dress in this style. It incorporates a wide range of outfits and diversity.

Classic Aristocrat;
Classic Aristocrat is what the majority of boy style aristocrat is. Because its a more mature style you dont usually see Aristocrat punk, though it does exist. This style incorporates almost all Aristocrat outfits, excluding a few.

Now I use the term punk to describe, Punk Kodona and other boy styles found in the gothic and lolita bible. This pushes a fine line sometimes as to whether or not its lolita boys style. This is the most common of all styles.

Casual boy style is something I'm not completely sure of. Though I did find examples of it in the GLB, so I'm including it for now.

Pirate & Sailor;
These are more "themes" than styles, Kodona can easily be themed with small adjustments to outfits or accessories, people love the sailors and pirates.