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hakuhide in dandy_handbook


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Three things:
1. WTF, bows?!? *intrigued* Please to post more on the subject^_^
2. Does anyone know where I can find patterns for vests and the like? I x3 them hardcore.
3. Where's Yomi-kun? Everyone references Mana-sama, but Nightmare get looked over. i_i
How is yomi kodona/aristocrat XD; nightmare is my favorite band but I dont understand. Though Ruka is in my military themeness
I've seen plenty of examples, particularly in the PV's for Raison d'etre and Alumina. Of course he doesn't dress in Kodona all the time...
*Is stealing your Icon as it pwns all others*
Also, have you seen Tokyo Shounen or Raven Loud Speeeaker? Those yellow plaid overalls are so princely (at least to me)
XD I've seen all Nightmare PV's and I dont think they're princely XDXD Yomi's outfits CAN have a boystyle feel but the kids jrock not anyform of lolita

and awww just credit me but you can steal my icon if you want XD

I will, and thanks.
Bows have been elaborated on just for you!

and patterns um D: simplicity have vest patterns you might have to alter them
Gonk, misinterpreted a neckwear suggestion for a hair suggestion. Although, it might work.
Are you going to post information about Dandy style as well (since that's the name of this handbook)? Aristocrat is close to Dandy in that it's a more mature style, but I had always thought of Dandy being more of a upper middle class Victorian gentleman-inspired look.
This definitely answered my question on military and pirate clothes^^
Sometimes it's hard to perceive what exactly includes which styles and what not but now I know better ♥ Thank you for creating this quide!

I love what you have done with the site! it really did answer a lot of questions. In particular how to go about hats. I also really love your scans as they help you to see the style more.

I've been working on a community ( http://nozomi29kun.livejournal.com ) dedicated to homemade jgoth fashions and how to create the look or style without having to spend too much money or just useing what you have/ modifying items which you have at home.
I was hoping to write a peice on Dandy, however with this particular fashion I have become quite stuck and was wondering if you could help me with a few things:
1. Would a school blaser be acceptable rather than having to go out a buy a new jacket all together.
2. Would you say Dandy is a more mature/grown-up version of Ouji~sama?
3. Other than tartan what other sorts of patterns would be acceptable?

Thanks a bunch.
I'd also be really grateful if youcould maybe add something to my community as in the Dandy area you apear to have a greater knowledge than I ^^

until we meet again
do you know of any comissioners on here that make boystyle clothes?
you're page is very helpful to me. I loved the kodona-style for a long time, even before I got into Japan, but never knew how to name it...

This page is very helpful

Haha, I got a point for you in the "what not to wear"-part: Girls who put on bloomers and and call themselves Kodona. Seriously, I've seen it done several times! That's not Kodona but ero-loli, bloomers are a no-no in boystyle :p
Just bloomers aren't ero-loli! Even an ero-loli has to keep her air of modesty about her, and that means preferably no obvious undies showing (other than maybe a corset, which can be outerwear too). Wandering around half-dressed is not very lolita. >_> That's more a steampunk phenomenon, I'd always thought.

While you do have the start of something good here, I've got bones to pick with it. It's not got a lot of information, for a start. I love the amount of pictures to look at, it's great to see you really made the effort to search around. <3 But maybe some diagrams of outfits and suggestions of what goes with what? I haven't got much to say about aristo because it's not my area, but the ouji could use work.

Proportional lengths are critical to pulling off a good ouji look. I don't really see that recommended here. (The idea is not to show big areas of uncovered skin such as short pants with ankle shoes and no tights or such, but not either to be showing little awkward slivers of skin as one might find with, say, knee-boots and just-above-knee breeches. Too much overlapping of pieces is also a bit strange-looking, like boots that are higher than the shorts come down.)

Is there anything about dandy coming? It is called the *dandy* handbook, after all.

I don't agree with your categorisation of styles. For a start, it's a bit strange that you say that punk and classic are both the single most popular style. o_O
I've not seen that ouji really has clearly defined styles like lolita, so it's a bit hard to separate. But I'd say that rather than just being 'classical' or 'punk', it's more like a range of gothic, punk, classic Victorian, a 'prince' look (as in the way that hime lolita is even more princessy than lolita itself, a style of ouji that is very princely), and maybe even sweet too, though I haven't seen it done much.

Separating them by age look might be easier; a short fitted jacket and big puffy pantaloons in velveteen with a lacy peter-pan collar blouse is far younger looking and cuter than knee-length pants or three-quarter-lengths with long shirts or frock coats.

It's great that this was made, though. :D Thank you! It's so hard to find information on the subject.